Whistle-blower protection


On July 1st 2019 The Whistle-blower Act came into force (Official Gazette, No. 17/19).

In accordance with the mentioned Act every employer that employs at least 50 employees is obligated:

  • By January 1st 2020 to enact a general act that will arrange the procedure of reporting internal irregularities
  • By April 1st 2020 to appoint a confidential person in charge of reporting irregularities on proposal of at least 20% of all his employees.

The employer that doesn’t fulfil obligations that are prescribed by mentioned Act by the deadline, shall be penalized from 10.000,00 HRK to 30.000,00 HRK fine penalty, also the employer as a natural person shall be penalized for the same offence from 1.000,00 HRK to 10.000,00 HRK fine.

Source: RIF, 10/2019