The Register of Beneficial Owners

The Register of Beneficial Owners (The Register) in Croatia is established on the basis of Articles 32-36 of the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Law (Lex). The Lex is in line with European anti-money laundering regulations. The primary purpose of the Register is to increase the transparency of beneficial ownership data, reduce the possibility of misuse to conceal the identity of beneficial owners as potential committers of money laundering offenses, including tax fraud, and to prevent the financing of terrorism. The aim of establishment of the Register is to increase transparency and availability of data on beneficial ownership. The Registry is controlled by the Financial Agency (FINA) on behalf of the Ministry of Finance – Anti-Money Laundering Office.

The deadlines for entering information into the Register began to run from 3 June 2019. All legal entities and trustees are required to inscribe the information on their ultimate beneficial ownership in the Register by 31 December 2019.

The Lex prescribes monetary fines in the range from 5.000 HRK to 350.000 HRK for legal entities and monetary fines in the range from 5.000 HRK to 75.000 HRK for their responsible persons.

The authorized person can file the necessary data in the Register without any charge in two ways:

  1. using Croatian Financial Agency (“FINA”) web application with corresponding  business certificate or
  2. in the offices of the Financial Agency on the provided forms.

If you would like to SAPIENTIA Nova perform the service of reporting data to the Register please contact us via e-mail