SAPIENTIA Nova Clients Information (COVID-19 – MEASURES; 03/17):

Dear Clients,

We are reminding you of our notification dated March 12 ( and we are bringing additional information in order to provide the best possible service to our clients, keep you informed and minimize the risk of infection.

Since our profession does not belong to the first line of defence, we feel a responsibility towards the people to which that burden has fallen these days, our doctors, nurses, sales personnel in stores, pharmacists… It is our duty not to impede their work and to behave responsible as directed by the Croatian Public Health Institute. To achieve this goal, we are reminding you of the possibility of contactless functioning of our profession, and of your business.

We would like to further encourage you in your business and in overcoming the crisis, and we hereby announce that we will do our best to help you implement measures to help the economy recover from the negative effects of the coronavirus pandemic. We are following the Government’s announcements and will send you information about today’s Government agreed package of measures: link here.

In addition to the Government’s measures, we also provide an overview of employment-related options, an expert RRIF journal, which you can read in full (here).
Please use google translate or call us for further explanation.

We will follow the implementation instructions and support you in implementing the measures. Contact us with confidence. We will provide our economic recovery assistance service free of charge to our clients because we believe that it will also be of help to you.

SAPIENTIA Nova has access to all the data and e-tax services (ePorezna) of all its clients and will use the tax system’s electronic services as usually. If you need to communicate with the tax administration on your own, please follow the instructions issued by the tax authority about preventive measures to protect against diseases caused by coronavirus (COVID-19):
Entering ePorezna:
Information, instructions, and user guide for using ePorezna: to Become a User.aspx
Contact us:
Phone Numbers:
Call center:

We remain at your disposal for all arrangements. Please let us know if the situation in your offices and personal status changes, so that we can respond to the change in a timely manner.

We wish you good health and to remain “corona-virus-free”!