SAPIENTIA Nova Clients Information (COVID-19 – MEASURES; 03/19)

Dear Clients,

03/19/2020 The Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia issued a Decision on measures to limit social gatherings, work in commerce, services and holding sporting and cultural events, which comes into force on the day of its adoption.
The anti-epidemic measures required by this Decision are to prohibit the holding of all public events and the gathering of more than 5 persons in one place, and to suspend work in the commerce sector, except for the sale of essential items such as food and medicines. More information about which business entities and under what conditions they shall continue to operate is available on the Tax Administration website: LINK

The Tax Administration has issued a Notice regarding fiscalization, on the procedure for reporting data on temporary closure of offices or changes in working hours according to which companies should change the data in e-Tax also in case of changes caused by COVID19 anti-epidemic measures. It is the tax authority’s instruction that when submitting information on changes in the foreseen field Note company should indicate from when that change actually applies.


Please use google translate or call us for further explanation.

We wish you good health and to remain “corona-virus-free”!