LAZzz Convertible Loan Agreement


LAZZZ Health & Wellness


Project Description:

Location and Scope: The LAZZZ Health & Wellness Center project is situated on 9,500 m2 of land in Gorski kotar, Croatia, strategically positioned between Zagreb and Rijeka.

Infrastructure: The project involves constructing and equipping a wellness center with facilities such as fitness, sauna, swimming pool, and eight accommodation units totaling 16 beds.

Guiding Principles:Emphasis is placed on sustainability and encouraging green and digital entrepreneurship, which facilitated eligibility for EU grants.


Request for Financing:

Financing Needs: Additional financing of EUR 1.8 million is required beyond approved EU funds (EUR 3,3 million) and existing owner financing (EUR 2,1 million).

Financial Models: Financing is sought through a Convertible Loan Agreement or other suitable financial models.


Offer for Participation:

Convertible Loan Agreement: Interested parties are invited to participate via a Convertible Loan Agreement, wherein the loan can be converted into shares of the company under predefined conditions.

Basic expected Loan features:  Minimum investment: EUR 50,000; Interest rate: 6.25% p.a. fixed during the entire financing period; Anticipated grace period in principal repayment: 2 years during which interest is paid on the entire investment amount; Period of activation of the conversion option: 03.2033 ; Total expected issue of new shares: 36 shares with a nominal value of EUR 50,000; Equity share: 1 share will represent 0.70% of initial capital, i.e. for the total expected conversion ratio of 25%.

Information Provision: Introductory materials and detailed terms will be provided upon expressing interest.


Contact Information:

Accessibility of Project Materials: A link is provided for access to project materials.

Further Inquiries: Contact details are provided for additional inquiries (mirjana.marinkovic@sapientia.hr)


Detailed Information and Engagement:

Information Sessions: The announcement encourages interested parties to reach out with questions and offers to organize information sessions or presentations to provide further details about the LAZZZ project.


The project is co-financed by the European Union from European structural and investment funds in the program of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan 2021-2026:  Strengthening sustainability and encouraging the green and digital transition of entrepreneurs in the tourism sector